The Best Liquid for Smoothies; 9 Amazing Options

Best Liquid for Smoothies

Hey, smoothie fans! If you want to make your smoothies extra awesome, you need to have the best liquid for smoothies. The secret to a tasty and smooth blend is picking the best smoothie base. Get ready for it! After trying lots of different combinations, we found that the best liquids for smoothies are simply milk and Yogurt.

Wondering why? Let’s talk about it in simple terms. Milk, whether it’s from cows or plants, makes your smoothie creamy and delicious. The creaminess of milk lets all the flavors come together perfectly. Now, add in some thick and Yogurt, and you’ve got a fantastic smoothie mix. Not only does it make your smoothie feel luxurious, but it also gives you a good dose of protein to keep you full for a while.

But, hey, the world of smoothies has a lot to offer! Let’s check out some other smoothie liquid base options that can give your smoothie great flavor and taste.

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    9 Best Liquid for Smoothies


    Kicking off with the easiest smoothies liquid base – water. It won’t add flavor, but if your ingredients bring the taste, who cares? Water is perfect if you’ve got strong-flavored pals in the mix or loads of thick ingredients, turning your smoothie into a sippable delight.

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    For many of us, the smoothie journey begins with good old cow’s milk. It’s got the goods – protein, calcium, immune system boosts, and maybe even a dash of cancer-fighting magic. But watch out for full-fat versions – they bring the fat drama. Whether it’s low-fat, skimmed, semi-skimmed, or reduced-fat, cow’s milk vibes with smoothies, though it can be a bit of a flavor bully.

    Soy Milk

    Soy milk, made from soybeans (yup, the tofu pals), is among one of the best smoothie base. It’s a hit in Asian countries and comes in flavors like vanilla and chocolate. Surprisingly tasty, soy milk packs protein, iron, calcium, and riboflavin. Less fat than whole milk, and a hit with lactose-intolerant smoothie lovers.

    Almond Milk

    Time-traveling to medieval times, almond milk has a rich history and is a great smoothies liquid base. It’s low-cal, zero cholesterol or saturated fat, and a plant protein powerhouse. Almond milk boosts overall health, fights free radicals, and plays nice with berries and tropical fruits.

    Coconut Milk

    Part of the nut milk fam, coconut milk brings creamy goodness and a sweet touch. Popular in tropical diets, it packs a bit more saturated fat than almond milk but goes perfectly with tropical or green smoothies, lightening things up a bit.

    Coconut Water

    Coconut water is the smoothie MVP, loaded with benefits and a few quirks. Low fat, high fiber, potassium, and no cholesterol – it’s a winner. Perfect for almost any smoothie, it adds a hint of tropical flair and keeps things liquidy smooth.

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    Fruit Juice

    Orange or apple juice, anyone? Fruit juices can jazz up your smoothie base, especially in green blends where they mask the greens’ less pleasant taste. Watch out for added sugar – keep things sweet but not too sweet.

    Rice Milk

    Not the smoothie MVP, but rice milk’s an interesting smoothie liquid base. It’s got calcium, Vitamin A, and iron, and you can find sweetened or unsweetened versions. A fun experiment for the adventurous smoothie maker.

    Green Tea

    Adding green tea to your smoothie is a health boost, minus the flavor punch. Like water, it’s not creamy but packs green tea goodness without fat, calories, or cholesterol. Just a heads up – green tea comes with caffeine.

    Choosing The Best Smoothie Base

    Milk or juice? It depends on your ingredients. Juice thins things out, while milk thickens and creamifies. No right or wrong here – it’s all about personal preference and the vibe you’re going for. Adjust the base according to your drink’s thickness – add water, coconut water, juice, or tea if it’s too thick, and milk products if it needs some creaminess.

    Consider what the liquid brings – calcium from milk, natural sugars from juice, or a blank canvas with water. Fruit smoothies often roll with milk or non-dairy for creamy goodness, while green smoothies vibe with less creamy options. Experiment with different bases – find what floats your smoothie boat!

    The Healthiest Smoothies Liquid Base

    Rating smoothie liquid base from healthiest to less healthy? Here’s a simple guide

    1. Water (including ice cubes)
    2. Coconut water
    3. Green tea
    4. Yogurt (like Greek or natural)
    5. Fresh juices
    6. Unsweetened milk products and plant-based milk (like almond milk)
    7. Sweetened milk products

    Each has its pros and cons, so think about taste too. A super-healthy smoothie that tastes like liquid salad might not be your jam. Experiment and find the perfect balance for a tasty, nutritious sip you’ll love!

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