Why Do Smoothies Give Me Diarrhea? 3 Shocking Reasons and What to Do

Why Do Smoothies Give Me Diarrhea? 3 Shocking Reasons and What to Do

Why Do Smoothies Give Me Diarrhea?

Hey there smoothie lovers! We’ve all been there—you enjoy your delicious smoothie only to find yourself rushing to the bathroom later. So, why do smoothies sometimes hit us with the not-so-fun side effect of diarrhea? This post will go over the reasons why and solutions to keep your from getting a running stomach after drinking smoothies.

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    Why Do Smoothies Give Me Diarrhea?

    The Fiber Content

    Fiber Overload Smoothies often contain a lot of fiber content, and while fiber is great for digestion, too much of a good thing can lead to diarrhea.

    To avoid getting diarrhea because of excessive fiber in your smoothie, try reducing the ingredients that contain high fiber content like bananas, avocados and leafy greens. Check out this book to learn more.


    The Thin Line of Liquidity – Smoothies, especially those with a liquid base, can sometimes tip the scales towards too much liquid in your system. This simply means that your smoothie is too runny and this might be the reason for stomach upset.

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    Sugar Spikes

    Fruit Sugar Overdrive Fruits, while deliciously sweet, can also pack a punch of natural sugars. Excess of fruit sugars, particularly fructose, can lead to diarrhea and what you can do to keep your smoothies sweet without the bathroom drama is to reduce the amount of fruits you use in your smoothie. Check out Low Sugar Fruits for Smoothies.

    Sensitive Stomachs

    Sensitive Stomach– Not all stomachs are created equal. Some people’s stomachs are more sensitive than others and certain ingredients in smoothies can lead to diarrhea. Try and pin point what ingredients make your stomach upset and make adjustments.

    Customizing for Comfort– Learn how to customize your smoothies based on your body’s signals. Whether it’s adjusting fiber content, choosing low-FODMAP options, or opting for gentle ingredients, find ways to create smoothie that love your stomach back. This will need trial and error until you figure out what works best for you.

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    Conclusion -Why Do Smoothies Give Me Diarrhea?

    Well, there you have it, smoothie lovers! The reasons of why do smoothies give me diarrhea. On that note, what is your favorite smoothie? The first 5 people will be featured in my next recipe.

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